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Published: 05th January 2012
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I wish to percentage my review about this Ninjago LEGO with you guys. A couple of days ago I simply bought this product from Amazon and I am very pleased. For this reason I need to percentage with you my assessment approximately this Ninjago LEGO. I steadily hear approximately this toy from my others ahead of I bought it. I additionally listen that my friend purchased this toy and he is more than happy about it. And he concept that I maybe want to purchase this product too, so he is actually enjoyable to suggest me this product. I actually want to find out about this product, so I search approximately it within the internet. Once I read the evaluations from consumers, I have positive Affect approximately it. I in reality sought after to buy this toy, so I discussed it with my family. At first, my spouse disagreed if we purchased this toy. However, after a while we got here to my loved one’s home and he shared his opinion about it with us. In the end, my wife will also be certain through my loved one to but it. I used to be excited as a result of my spouse agreed to buy it. Within the subsequent couple days, in the end we bought it.

After it arrives, it grew to become out that it is really a perfect product and I am really happy about it. I wish to proportion a few excellences approximately it with you. The Ninjago 2507 set is an enormous set that includes 1174 Lego pieces. Imagine what you can come up with these many Lego pieces. Even without sticking to the instruction to create the set models, kids and adults alike will have a grand time building pieces of their choice. This would entail hours and hours of playtime. The Ninjago 2507 set also comes with seven mini figures, which is a lot more than usual. Previous sets only carried up to four. Each of the faction is represented well.
The characters included in the set from the Heroes side are Sensei Wu in black robes, the Ninjas Kai and Zane, plus the female Ninja Nya. It also includes from the Skeleton Army side Lord Garmadon, and skeletons, Samukai and Kruncha. You can playfully switch sides playing out the theme or choose one and have a friend to choose the other. Endless play possibilities are at hand.
A Japanese-style temple is the biggest model in the set. It stands out far higher than the mini figures and the other figurines included in the Ninjago 2507. The temple can be split in the middle into two parts. This happens when the Sword of Fire is lifted and when the center character is revealed. It also has a gaping hole in the top part for the main character of the Ninjago Fire Temple to rest his head.
Perhaps the coolest part of the Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 is the focal character, which is the Fire Dragon. This character is not just one complete figure, but actually consists of Lego pieces that must be put to together to come up with the cool figurine. It is impressively tall and also has a wide wingspan. It looks a bit similar to the Ninjago Ice Dragon. The Fire Dragon is Kai's dragon of choice, him being a fire Ninja. 18 weapons including four golden weapons are added bonuses to the set. These are added as if all the other models and minifigures aren't enough for playtime.
The Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 really is a cool addition to the Ninjago series. It gives you a lot to play with plus it carries almost all of the main characters in the theme, plus it includes a cool dragon character. Lego and Ninja fans won't be disappointed. If truth be told there are more excellence of this product, however I will not explain of it here. If you wish to have extra details about this toy, you'll seek approximately it in the web too.

I hope that my evaluate allow you to choose the most efficient toy. I don't have any doubt to recommend you this toy. You'll to find out that this toy is awesome. I haven't any doubt that you will like it. Quickly grab your opportunity to get SHOCKING DEAL of Ninjago LEGO here, limited offer limited time. Also watch our video about Ninjago LEGO at

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